Organic Elephant Ginger Lemon Infusion - 20 Sachets


Discover the 20 Mon Infusion Bio Ginger Lemon Elephant sachets, a mixture of plants to infuse to accompany you throughout the day. Want nature? Awaken your taste buds with My Organic Ginger Lemon Elephant Infusion which combines the fresh and spicy notes of ginger with a delicately tangy touch of lemon. Just for you, Elephant has selected plants from organic farming, full of taste, for a moment of natural pleasure with this Mon Infusion Bio range. Mon Infusion Bio herbal teas are contained in Pyramid® sachets, allowing all the ingredients to generously express their natural aromas so that you can enjoy all the pleasures of your infusion. For a perfect tasting, infuse a sachet in 200?ml of water at 100?°C, 4 to 5 minutes, without adding sugar. PEFC certified: the cardboard of this box of Elephant infusions comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. Elephant, a brand of infusions born in Provence in 1896, quickly established itself as a symbol of indulgence and quality. In 2016, the brand celebrated its 120? anniversary. So much experience, it does not deceive! Elephant is at the origin of the first scented infusions in France, thus reinventing hot water for the pleasure of all. Recognized expert in plants, the brand combines all the flavors of plants with the delicacy of fruits to offer you a delicious moment of letting go. A gourmet and friendly brand, Éléphant is the favorite brand of infusions of the French*. The famous teapot design, fun and all in the image of the brand (in the shape of a little elephant), has become cult. From a simple advertising object, it has become over the years a true icon of the brand. Also discover our Organic Elephant Infusions range and swim in the BIOnheur. Just for you, Elephant has selected plants from organic farming, full of taste, for a moment of pleasure


Ingredients: Ingredients lemongrass¹, ginger¹ (25%), mint¹ (20%), lemon peel¹ (10%), orange peel¹. ¹Ingredients from organic farming.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store between 2°C and 25°C

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