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Amora Ketchup 280g


Discover the Amora Ketchup in a 280 g head-up soft bottle and its good taste of sun-ripened tomatoes. The secrets of Amora ketchups? A unique recipe made from field-ripened tomatoes selected for their quality and natural flavor. A recipe made with carefully selected ingredients and tomatoes from Italian cooperatives using sustainable agriculture. Treat yourself with Amora ketchups, enhance the taste of all your patties, ideal for your grilled meats, your vegetables or your pasta. Because it is important for us to limit our environmental impact, our bottle is transparent to be 100% recyclable*! Help us reduce plastic waste by recycling it. To be even more practical and to be used by young and old alike, its cap is designed to always remain clean. *Excluding lid Make easy and delicious recipes and reinvent your dishes by always giving them more flavor with Amora ®. On the edge of the plate, in your sandwiches, or hot, Amora ® products will season all your dishes and enhance the flavors of your cuisine. Discover the pleasure of sharing delicious meals with family or friends. Find all the Amora ® products and recipe ideas on www.amora.fr. You will delight young and old alike, for the pleasure of all taste buds! With our Ketchup Amora®, share more than a meal!


Ingredients: Ingredients tomatoes¹ (151 g of tomatoes for 100 g of ketchup), sugar, alcohol vinegar, salt, natural flavors, spices. ¹Sustainably grown tomatoes.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store between 2°C and 25°C

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