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P'tite Recette Nestlé Moussaka with Beef - from 8 months - 2x200g


Take baby on a journey with NESTLÉ P'tite Recette Moussaka with Beef: a trip to Greece! A little stewed dish designed especially for baby* with tender pieces to introduce baby to new textures. Beef browned in oil then mixed with eggplants, a creamy sauce, and a touch of thyme to awaken baby to new Mediterranean flavors. A recipe cooked in France with French beef. Always under the constant supervision of an adult, your baby can enjoy this dish. Be sure to respect your baby's appetite. Eggplants of EU origin.


Ingredients: Cooking water, eggplants 13%, carrots 12.1%, tomato purée made from concentrate 8%, beef 8% (origin: France), onions, potatoes 6.5%, starch, CREAM (MILK) 1%, rapeseed oil, garlic, thyme.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Before opening, store at room temperature. An opened jar can be kept for 48 hours in the refrigerator unless your baby has eaten directly from the jar. In that case, discard the unfinished jar.

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