Vania Maxi Comfort sanitary napkin - Normal+ - x16


Quickly absorbs up to 4x more than necessary* New technology** limits odors Vania® Maxi Comfort towels offer you optimal protection and help limit odours. Thanks to absorbent technology combined with a light fragrance, Vania® Maxi Comfort towels quickly absorb up to 4 times more than necessary* while limiting odours. Composed of ultra soft fibers and a new extra soft veil, Vania® Maxi Comfort towels provide you with incredible comfort, day and night. Anatomical shape Domed absorbent core 4 Protective barriers Veil dermatologically tested *Based on pad absorption performance and average menstrual flow data assuming pads are changed regularly. **For Vania® Maxi Comfort Each woman is unique and your periods may change each month. Vania® helps you choose the pad best suited to your needs: Normal flow Maxi Normal - Absorption: 2/6 Normal flow Maxi Normal+ - Absorption: 3/6 Abundant flow Maxi Super - Absorption: 4/6 Abundant flow Maxi Super+ - Absorption: 5/6 Maxi Nuit night flow - Absorption: 6/6 Maxi Nuit+ night flow - Absorption: 6/6 Maxi Confort Super towels are also available in Fresh & Aloe Vera version


Ingredients: Dermatologically tested veil made of synthetic fibers (polyethylene, polypropylene, an absorbent core made of cellulosic fibers of vegetable origin and superabsorbent polymers, a lower layer of synthetic fibers (polyethylene) which protects the underwear, a paper band which protects the adhesive tape (silicone coated paper, an individual bag (polypropylene).

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