Always Fresh & Protect Pantyliners - Normal - x30


Stay fresh and protected all day long with Always Dailies Fresh & Protect Normal panty liners. Thanks to their design, they offer you daily protection and flexibility that makes you forget they are there. They are ideal for white discharge and offer better protection during irregular periods. To learn more about the composition of our products, visit our website.


Ingredients: Composition: Surface veil and secondary veil: are made of synthetic fibres, such as those used in clothing and underwear. / Absorbent core: the flexible core is made of absorbent cellulose and super absorbent gel beads, also used in various everyday products, such as tea bags or clothing. / Odor Neutralizing Technology: This is a unique Always technology that contains a light scent. / Outer film: the soft moisture-wicking part that keeps the fluid inside the panty liner. It is made of synthetic fibers. / Adhesive: is used so that the panty liner sticks to the underwear

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