Always Discreet Normal Towel - x12


Don't let bladder leakage keep you from living your life to the fullest. Always Discreet Normal Bladder Leakage Pads give you secure protection you'll barely feel. Designed to fit your body and your life, they offer you optimal protection with a unique ultra-thin absorbent core, so you can feel confident without worrying about leaks. Always Discreet Normal pads give you the perfect protection for occasional bladder leaks, sneezing or laughing. To learn more about the composition of our products, visit our website


Ingredients: Composition: Surface veil (soft fabric designed to retain fluid away from your skin): Polyolefins identical to those used in clothing. / Absorbent core (soft, moisture-wicking part that keeps fluid inside the panties): Wood-based absorbent cellulose (the absorbent material used since the 1920s) with polyester, polyolefin or absorbent gel . / Outer film (soft and moisture-wicking part that keeps the fluid inside the panties): Polyolefins identical to those used in clothing. / Odor neutralizing material (neutralizes bad odors and diffuses a light fragrance): Odourlock technology neutralizes odors and releases a light fragrance, in compliance with the strict safety requirements applied by the International Fragrance Association. / Pouch (protects adhesives before product is used): Printed polyolefins such as those commonly used in clothing / Adhesives: Adhesives similar to craft glues

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