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Yunnan Tuocha tea with ginseng - x20 - 40g


Benefits that touch you closely. Originally from Asia, Ginseng has always been cultivated in China for its root. A story, a land, a tradition Yunnan Tuocha tea draws its benefits from a remote and isolated land in southern China, Yunnan Province. Over there at an altitude of 1500m, giant tea trees measuring up to 30 meters and 700 years old, draw their qualities from a rich soil which transmits its essential substances to them. Perpetuated by a thousand-year-old know-how Yunnan Tuocha black tea leaves are harvested and sorted by hand according to an ancestral tradition. They then undergo a triple fermentation which gives the tea its dark brown color and characteristic smoky taste. The tea is then compressed in bamboo molds which give it its particular bird's nest shape. It is from this nest that the real Yunnan Tuocha black tea comes, which we offer in infusettes. These gestures, patiently repeated for centuries, give Yunnan Tuocha tea its unique virtues. Benefits that touch you closely The Chinese have always been able to take advantage of the benefits of Yunnan Tuocha black tea and consume it in particular for its draining properties. This triply fermented black tea is thus part of the Chinese pharmacopoeia. Drinking Yunnan Tuocha tea every day also contributes to good hydration of the body. Yunnan Tuocha, tea with age-old virtues that refreshes body and mind.


Ingredients: 95% plain Yunnan Tuocha tea, 5% ginseng.

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