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Harrys 100% sliced bread - Complete - 650g


Discover 100% Mie Complet! A crustless recipe, made from whole wheat flour, a source of fiber and slow sugars to provide you with the energy you need! Why is it good? Because 100% Mie Complet pleases everyone and combines: • The inimitable softness and fluffiness of Harrys • The richness of a grain bread • A recipe without palm oil and of course without crust To be enjoyed plain or toasted to accompany a balanced breakfast! It is also the ideal sandwich bread for making tasty sandwiches.


Ingredients: Whole WHEAT flour 37%, water, WHEAT flour, rapeseed oil, sugar, salt, flavoring (contains alcohol, WHEAT gluten, malted RYE flour, yeast, vinegar, acerola extract. May contain traces of EGGS, SOY, MILK, NUTS, SESAME SEEDS.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Store at room temperature and away from any source of heat. To preserve its softness, close the bag tightly after use.

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