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St Michel Savaroise chocolate cakes 8 sachets 220g


Discover our Savaroises, the combination of a soft dough and a good chocolate dough. A simple and authentic recipe with good ingredients: eggs from free-range hens, French wheat flour from the CRC® sector, without palm oil. Practical fresh sachets for a gourmet break at any time of the day. We make them in our family biscuit factory in Commercy, Lorraine. St Michel, French biscuits of gourmet origin!


Ingredients: Ingredients: Sugar, EGGS from free range hens (23%, pastry BUTTER (19%, WHEAT flour, glucose-fructose syrup, stabilizers: glycerol and sorbitols, cocoa paste, cocoa powder, rapeseed oil non-hydrogenated, baking powders: sodium diphosphates and carbonates (BLE, salt, dextrose, flavouring, emulsifiers: lecithins (SOJA).

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Keep dry and away from heat

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