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Sweet pleasure soup Liebig Pumpkin/kiri - 2x30cl


We no longer have dinner, we have soup! Simple and Gourmet: 1 Liebig soup + 1 side dish This Liebig recipe is: ? Without Conservative agent** ? Without dye ** In accordance with the regulations For young and old gourmets, our chefs have concocted a recipe for sweet and sweet pumpkin and Kiri for more smoothness A family recipe that will make your children love vegetables! A really creamy texture for a soft and delicious soup. Liebig is the inventor of brick soup which preserves the quality of vegetables This Liebig recipe is made in our factory near Avignon in Provence. It is free of colorants and preservatives. Our local teams are committed to offering you quality products made with vegetables picked when ripe and grown in the open fields. For more information on our history or our recipes, visit www.liebig.fr


Ingredients: Ingredients: water, vegetables 36% (pumpkin 18%, carrot, onion, potato, tomato puree from concentrate, melted WHITE CHEESE Kiri® 3.1% (WHITE CHEESE, CREAM, MILK PROTEINS, salts cast iron: sodium polyphosphates, phosphates and citrates, citric acid, salt, processed corn starch, CREAM, salt, sugar, flavourings, flavor enhancer: sodium glutamate, SKIM MILK May contain traces of celery, wheat and egg .

Conservation tips

Product storage information: After opening, keep this soup in the refrigerator and consume it within 48 hours.

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