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Balsamic vinaigrette Puget Sun-dried tomato - 33cl


This light vinaigrette sauce with Southern flavors is based on subtly associated and cooked ingredients. The secret of this tasty light vinaigrette: the intensity of the dried tomato, spiced up with a hint of garlic, combined with the sweet notes of balsamic vinegar.


Ingredients: Ingredients: Water, extra virgin olive oil 18%, white and red wine vinegar, rapeseed oil, semi-reduced tomato puree 13%, balsamic vinegar 12.6% (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, coloring : E150d, preservative: potassium diSULPHITE, garlic, salt, pepper, dried tomatoes 1%.

Conservation tips

Information on product conservation: Submitted to cold, olive oil can crystallize and present white flakes. This in no way affects the quality of the product and disappears at room temperature. Keeps for a month in the refrigerator after opening

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