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Ketchup Amora Top up Squeeze bottle - 575g


Discover the flavor of Amora ketchup! It is free of colorants, preservatives* and other additives and is made with field-ripened tomatoes. The secrets of Amora ketchups? A unique recipe made from juicy, field-ripened tomatoes selected for their quality and natural flavor. Amora ketchups will help you enhance the taste of your vegetable stir-fries, your pastas, your marinades or your meat-based fillings. In addition, Amora ketchups are free of colorings and preservatives*. Present in the hearts of the French since 1919, Amora is recognized and appreciated for its know-how and the quality of its products. The brand continues to seduce every year with authentic, tasteful and original novelties. Make easy and gourmet recipes, and reinvent your dishes by always giving them more flavor with Amora. On the edge of the plate, in your sandwiches, or hot, Amora products will season all your dishes and enhance the flavors of your cuisine. Enjoy the pleasure of sharing delicious meals with family or friends. Discover all of Amora's easy and gourmet tips and recipes: you will delight young and old alike, for the pleasure of the whole family! * In accordance with regulations.


Ingredients: Ingredients: tomatoes¹ (144 g of tomatoes for 100 g of ketchup, sugar, spirit vinegar, tomato fibre¹, salt, natural flavors, spices. ¹Sustainably grown tomatoes.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store refrigerated after opening.

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