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Peanut oil Lesieur 2L


A quality 100% peanut oil, perfect for simple and convivial cooking, made of gourmet salads, small simmered dishes and homemade recipes. It browns, fried, browns and seasons to offer all the flavors of this cuisine which enchants lovers of the pleasures of the table. Lesieur Arachide is meticulously produced which guarantees the neutrality of its taste and the regularity of its conservation. Use: Lesieur Peanut is suitable for all types of seasonings (vinaigrettes, mayonnaise) for your salads, raw vegetables and can be used for your fish, poultry or meat marinades. It is an oil particularly suitable for use in frying for the production of fries, savory and sweet donuts, fondues,... taking care not to exceed the maximum recommended temperature of 180°C and completely renewing the bath after 10 fries. You can also use it in a frying pan, in a casserole dish or in the oven to sauté or roast vegetables, meat and poultry.


Ingredients: Ingredients: 100% PEANUT oil

Conservation tips

Information on the conservation of the product: Under the action of cold, certain oils congeal or turn cloudy. It is a natural phenomenon that does not alter their qualities. To make it clear, keep the bottle at room temperature or dip it in hot water and shake it. Cooking + seasoning + frying. Recommended maximum frying temperature: 180°C. Renew the bath after 10 fryings and avoid adding oil. Introduce the food gently when the oil is at a good temperature.

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