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Innocent Plus Energy Cherie fruit juice - 750ml


Mixtures of fruits and vegetables with extracts and infusions and vitamins. • Variety of fruit The fruits of our drinks are grown with care: they are good for your health, from sustainable agriculture that respects the environment and the producers. They never steal and even allow us to donate 10% of our profits to NGOs. When you are told they are growing up.


Ingredients: 6 pressed apples (82%, 12 pressed grapes, 12 crushed raspberries (3%, 6 crushed cherries (3%, 5 crushed Goji berries (2%, a dash of passion fruit, a dash of beetroot, a lemon extract and vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 & E, a dash of guarana infusion

Conservation tips

Information on product storage: Store refrigerated between 0° and 8°

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