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Contrex natural mineral water 6x1.5L


If CONTREX natural mineral water is so famous, it is thanks to its unique minerals recognized by the Academy of Medical Sciences for more than 100 years. Its raw purity and natural mineral richness make it the ally of choice for taking care of yourself. In fact, many of us don't meet our mineral needs. 1 liter of CONTREX naturally provides you with 468 mg of calcium, i.e. 58% of your daily needs! As for magnesium, with an intake of 74.5 mg/l, CONTREX provides more than 19% of your daily needs. To find out more about minerals, go to: www.contrex.fr.

Conservation tips

Information on the conservation of the product: "To preserve its minerality and its taste, this water is stored away from frost, heat and odors"

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