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Organic slivered almond Vahine 100g


Our almonds are free of coloring* and preservatives and 100% from organic farming. They are harvested at maturity with respect for the environment in order to preserve their original taste and biodiversity. These almonds from Spain are mainly from the Valencia variety, which gives them a typical taste of the Mediterranean basin. These almonds have been packaged in our Provençal factory. We are committed to reducing the ecological footprint of our production tool, we waste as much as possible and we recycle almost 70% of it.*In accordance with the regulations in force. COOL ZIPRich in fibre. Think about sorting Plastic bag to throw away INSTRUCTIONS MAY VARY LOCALLY > WWW.CONSIGNESDETRI.FR VALID ONLY IN FRANCE.. Imported material..


Ingredients: Ingredient: ALMOND from organic farming. nuts. may contain other nuts.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Storage: Store away from light, heat and humidity. After opening, we advise you to close the bag, keep it in a cool, dry place and consume it within 15 days.Packaged in a protective atmosphere..

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