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NaturNes Nestlé - Apples Strawberry Blueberries from 6 months - 4x130g


NaturNes® helps care for what nature offers us to give to babies by selecting ripe fruits and preserving their taste through a unique gentle cooking method. This way, babies can discover the natural goodness in every spoonful of our jars, all made in France, in the Vosges. Between 4 and 6 months, consult your doctor to properly begin diversification. Together, let's contribute to the ecological transition: we have removed the lids from our jars to reduce plastic by 42% per jar*! *Calculated based on the jar's weight with its lid. Apples, strawberries EU. Blueberries origin EU / non-EU.


Ingredients: Apples 83%, strawberries 15%, blueberries 1.95%, vitamin C.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Before opening, store at room temperature. An opened jar can be kept refrigerated for 48 hours if covered, unless your baby has eaten directly from the jar. In that case, discard the unfinished jar.

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