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Pedigree Adult Dog Food - Beef - 2kg


Complete food for small adult dogs (under 10 kg) - with beef and vegetables. Pedigree® Mini <10kg Adult kibbles offer your dog a 100% complete and balanced meal, adapted to his size and age, with natural ingredients** and no artificial flavours. The nutritional needs of dogs vary by age and breed. This is why it is important to give them a diet specific to their needs. Developed with our nutritionists and veterinarians at the WALTHAM Centre, Pedigree® Vital Protection™ kibbles are formulated to nutritionally cover four universal dog needs: dog food that helps maintain natural defences, promotes healthy skin and coat, contributes to optimal digestion and helps clean teeth. With vitamin B and minerals, Pedigree® Mini <10kg adult kibbles are specially designed to fit your small dog's jaw and help keep him healthy and full of vitality.


Ingredients: Composition: cereals**, meat and animal by-products (20%, including beef 4% in brown croquettes*), oils and fats (including sunflower oil 0.5%, by-products of vegetable origin (including pulp of dehydrated beetroot 4%**, mineral substances (including sodium tripolyphosphate 0.3% as an active ingredient in the brown croquettes*, vegetables** (including dehydrated carrots 0.5% (equivalent to 4% carrots) in the orange* and pea croquettes dehydrated 1% (equivalent to 4% peas) in green croquettes*, vegetable protein extracts. *The brown kibbles represent approximately 80% of the total kibbles in this bag, the orange kibbles and the green kibbles each represent approximately 10% of the total kibbles in this bag. **Natural ingredients.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store unopened in a cool, dry place.

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