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Dessert - P'tit Brassé Nestlé Banana - from 6 months - 4x100g


NESTLÉ P'tit Brassé with banana, the dairy product designed especially for babies* with reduced sugars**. Made in the Vosges with local French milk***. Tasty, this dairy product for babies from 6 months old can be given as a snack or dessert. Convenient for parents, this small pot intended for baby can be taken anywhere since it can be stored at room temperature until opened, not in the fridge. *In accordance with regulations on baby food. **Compared to the average of yogurts, fermented milk products or fruit dairy specialties, sweetened - Ciqual 2020. ***The majority of our milk is collected within 200 km of our production site.


Ingredients: Whole MILK 80%, water, sugar, banana puree 3.5% (banana, antioxidant: ascorbic acid), tapioca starch, LACTIC cultures, MILK proteins, thickener: pectin; natural flavor.

Conservation tips

Storage information for the product: Keep at room temperature (5-25°C). Do not store the product once opened.

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