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Dessert - P'tit Onctueux Nestlé Banana No Added Sugar - from 6 months 4x90g


NESTLE P'TIT ONCTUEUX Banana with fromage blanc, no added sugars*, with 3 times more fruit**. The creamy dairy product specially designed for babies*** produced in the Vosges! Fruits selected according to a strict specification.*** Convenient, it can be taken anywhere thanks to our specific manufacturing process that allows it to be stored without refrigeration. Baby food is governed by very strict regulations, especially regarding pesticides. Thus, we carefully select the fruits we use. *Contains naturally occurring sugars. **Compared to the average of P'tit onctueux with sweetened fruits. ***In accordance with regulations on baby food. Banana origin non-EU.


Ingredients: Fermented MILK 45% (whole MILK, water, thickener: pectin, LACTIC cultures), banana puree 20% (banana, antioxidant: ascorbic acid), pasteurized skimmed MILK CHEESE 19.5%, water, corn starch, CREAM, concentrated lemon juice, thickener (carob seed flour).

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Store at room temperature (5-25°C).

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