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Green Vegetable Velouté Knorr 75cl


Discover the Velouté de Légumes Verts: vegetables, fresh cream, a pinch of salt, herbs, water AND THAT'S IT! Cooked with 100% natural ingredients and vegetables from sustainable agriculture, it's the perfect soup for flavorful meals. This delicious vegetarian recipe has a Nutri-Score B and is made without colorants, flavor enhancers, added sugars (contains natural sugars), and preservatives (like all liquid soups on the ambient shelf). Our cartons, mostly recyclable and certified by FSC® and ASI® labels, support sustainable sourcing of cardboard and aluminum. This 750 ml format allows you to serve 3 generous bowls of soup. A comforting recipe that is easy and quick to prepare: shake, pour, heat without bringing to a boil… and enjoy! Knorr® works for a sustainable food future with its partner farmers. At Knorr®, we believe that responsible use of agricultural resources helps provide you with quality soups. That is why we choose vegetables from sustainable agriculture and grown in open fields to prepare our delicious soups. Through our products, recipes, and advice, we hope to help you make daily small changes that make a big difference. *Contains natural sugars.


Ingredients: Here are the ingredients for our delicious recipe: water: 44%, peas¹: 14%, potatoes¹: 13%, leeks¹: 10%, onions¹: 9%, zucchini¹: 8.6%, fresh CREAM: 1%, salt: 0.5%, seasonings: 0.1% (garlic, lovage root, oregano, rosemary¹, savory, thyme¹). May contain: celery, cereals containing gluten, mustard, egg, soy. ¹Ingredients from sustainable farming: 54.6%. 54.6% vegetables¹ (including potatoes).

Conservation tips

Product storage information: The preparation and packaging method of this soup ensure its preservation. Before opening, store at room temperature. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 48 hours.

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