Dehydrated soup Knorr Tomato mozzarella - 75cl


Discover the delicious Knorr® Velvet Tomato and Mozzarella Dehydrated Soup, and enjoy the finesse of Italian cuisine in this dehydrated soup! Experience the rich taste of vegetables in these creamy Knorr® soups, perfect for both young and old. This soup is made with sustainably sourced ingredients, without any artificial colorings or flavor enhancers. Thanks to the dehydration process, it is also preservative-free. Do you know what dehydration is? Contrary to popular belief, dehydration has been around since ancient times; it is one of the oldest methods of food preservation! A dehydrated soup is made up of dehydrated ingredients reduced to powder. The raw materials are the same as in a traditional cooked soup, but they have undergone a special process to remove the water content. Carl Heinrich Knorr®, the founder of the Knorr® brand, was one of the first to incorporate this process into his soup manufacturing over 175 years ago. This format allows you to make 3 generous bowls of soup. A comforting soup recipe ready in 2 minutes: Boil 750 ml of water, reduce to a simmer, and pour in the contents of the packet. Let it simmer for 2 minutes. It's ready! Knorr® is working towards a sustainable food future for you and the planet.


Ingredients: tomato²: 27%, potato starch, sugar, WHEAT flour, cheeses (mozzarella (CHEESE): 5.9%, CHEESES, whey (MILK)), palm fat, cheese specialty (CHEESES, whey (MILK)), salt, potassium chloride, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, whey (MILK), maltodextrin, yeast extract, onion², lactose (MILK), herbs (thyme², oregano²), concentrated CELERY juice², flavorings, concentrated carrot juice², concentrated leek juice², concentrated onion juice². May contain: other cereals containing gluten, mustard, egg, soy. ²Ingredients from sustainable agriculture: 29.7%. 28.7% vegetables².

Conservation tips

Product storage information: The method of preparation and packaging of this soup ensure its preservation.

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