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Knorr Dehydrated Soup Porcini Mushrooms - 75cl


Discover the delicious "Les Moments Gourmets" Wild Porcini Mushroom and Button Mushroom Velvety Soup by Knorr®. The woody aroma of porcini mushrooms and button mushrooms tenderly combined with small onions and cooked with a hint of balsamic makes this soup a masterpiece of refinement and smoothness. A dehydrated soup with a unique texture! A soup prepared without preservatives, colorants, or flavor enhancers. Thanks to the dehydration process, it is also free from preservatives. Do you know what dehydration is? Contrary to popular belief, dehydration has existed since time immemorial: it is one of the oldest methods of food preservation! A dehydrated soup is made from dehydrated ingredients reduced to powder. The raw materials are the same as in a traditional soup, but they undergo a special treatment to remove the water they contain. Carl Heinrich Knorr®, the founder of the Knorr® brand, was one of the first to integrate this process into his soup production over 175 years ago. This format allows you to make 4 generous bowls of soup. A comforting soup recipe ready in 3 minutes: Boil 750 ml of water, reduce to low heat, and pour in the contents of the sachet. Let it simmer for 3 minutes. It's ready! Discover other vegetable soups by Knorr®. Knorr® works towards a sustainable food future for you and the planet.


Ingredients: palm fat, potato starch, WHEAT flour, salt, button mushroom²: 5%, yeast extract, lactose (MILK), grilled onion², MILK proteins, potassium chloride, porcini mushroom²: 2%, maltodextrin, yellow boletus: 1.5%, sugar, balsamic vinegar: 0.6% (wine vinegar, grape must), spice and aromatic herbs (garlic, chives², nutmeg), spring onion², concentrated onion juice², natural pepper flavoring, sunflower oil. May contain: other cereals containing gluten, celery, mustard, egg, soy. ²Ingredients from sustainable agriculture: 11%.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: To be stored between 2°C and 25°C

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