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Knorr Country-Style Vegetable Soup Dehydrated - With Bacon - 97g


The Paysanne vegetable soup with smoked bacon from Knorr® has rustic accents and combines a selection of fresh garden vegetables with smoked bacon bits cooked in a delicious broth with herbs and bacon. This soup is made with sustainably sourced ingredients, without any coloring or flavor enhancers. Do you know what dehydration is? Contrary to popular belief, dehydration has existed since the dawn of time: it is one of the oldest methods of food preservation! A dehydrated soup is made from dehydrated ingredients reduced to powder. The raw materials are the same as in a traditional soup, but they have undergone a special process to remove the water they contain. Carl Heinrich Knorr®, the founder of the Knorr® brand, was one of the first to integrate this process into the production of his soups more than 175 years ago. A comforting soup recipe ready in 5 minutes: Pour the contents of the sachet into 1 liter of cold water and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for 5 minutes. It's ready!! Knorr® is working for a sustainable food future for you and the planet.


Ingredients: Potato²: 46%, potato starch, carrot²: 7.5%, salt, smoked bacon: 6% (pork belly, salt, stabilizer: sodium nitrite, smoke), white beans²: 5%, palm oil, cabbage²: 3.9%, smoked lard: 3.7% (pork fat, smoke), onion²: 2.8%, leek²: 2.7%, turnip²: 1.2%, flavors, potassium chloride, glucose syrup, spices and seasoning (CELERY seeds, turmeric, bay leaves²), MILK proteins, antioxidant: E 320. May contain: cereals containing gluten, mustard, egg, soy.²Ingredients sourced from sustainable farming: 69.2%. 69.1% vegetables² (including potato).

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