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Knorr Aromat Refill 90g


Knorr® Aromat® seasoning powder is a subtle blend of salt, onion, spices, and carefully selected herbs that will delicately enhance the flavor of your dishes. An ideal condiment to accompany all your culinary preparations: meats, fish, vegetables, pasta, rice, or stews. Usage tips: sprinkle, for example, Knorr® Aromat® on your roast or fish before putting them in the oven. No need to salt! Knorr® Aromat® seasoning can be used with — Meats and fish — Vegetables, pasta, and rice — Sauces and stews — Salads and raw vegetables. A Knorr® recipe without colorants and preservatives, for ever more delicious cuisine! Discover the other Knorr® bouillon cubes, flavors, and culinary aids that will help you enhance your dishes, soups, and broths. The secret to perfectly seasoned and more flavorful dishes, they will quickly become your secret for always tasty cooking. Knorr® is working for a sustainable food future for you and the planet: More than 95% of our agricultural ingredients are already sustainably grown. We now want to gradually change our diet towards more diversity, more plant-based foods, and more vegetables. Through our products, recipes, and tips, we aim to help you make small daily changes that make all the difference. Together, let's build a better food future!


Ingredients: Salt, dextrose, flavor enhancers sodium glutamate, disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate, corn starch, onion² 3.1%, yeast extract, sunflower oil, spice and seasoning 0.3% (turmeric², garlic), natural flavor. May contain cereals containing gluten, celery, milk, mustard, egg, soy. ²Sustainably sourced ingredients 3.4%.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Store between 2°C and 25°C

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