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Whiskas Meat in Sauce Stew for cats - 4x400g


Complete food for adult cats - 4 options in sauce (Beef / Lamb / Chicken / Turkey). Also suitable for sterilized cats. Canned food and fresh food pouches are closest to your cat's natural diet. They offer a variety of flavors and cover 100% of their daily nutritional needs, while contributing to their hydration. When it comes to nutrition, we believe that your cat instinctively knows what they like. That's why at Whiskas®, we put all our heart and expertise into selecting our ingredients and creating diverse recipes. As a result, every Whiskas® meal offers your cat their favorite flavors and all the necessary nutrients they need. Our cat food is developed with the help of our nutritionists and veterinarians from the WALTHAM® research center - a global reference for pet nutrition and well-being.


The ingredients of the different varieties are similar. The products contain 36% meat and animal by-products, with a specific content of 4% of the mentioned meat type (beef, chicken, lamb or turkey) in the bites. The other ingredients include cereals, extracts of plant proteins, mineral substances, and sugars. The bites represent approximately 47% of the total product.

Conservation tips

Product storage instructions: After opening, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator for a duration of 48 hours.

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