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KaKoin Shop is an online site operated by Cappsule Sàrl located at Quai du Mont-Blanc 7, 1201 Geneva. The operation of this site is intended for adult individuals and legal entities domiciled in Switzerland. The delivery zone is currently limited to the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, and will later be expanded to the entire Switzerland. The general terms of sale on KaKoin Shop regulate the following procedures: registration and customer data, their recording and use, orders, deliveries, payments, and KaKoin Shop's after-sales service. The security of the use of our customers' data is entirely governed by the data protection declaration, which is an integral part of the general terms of sale.


Registration on the KaKoin Shop site is reserved for individuals exercising their civil rights. To make purchases on the site, the customer must identify themselves with their email address and password. If the customer does not have an account on KaKoin Shop, they are invited to create one in order to place orders. Registration is free. The customer must enter the necessary data about themselves. This information must be complete and correct. The customer is responsible for updating their data when necessary. Although registration is free, it does not imply the right of access to KaKoin Shop. The customer agrees not to disclose their account data to third parties. They will be regularly informed by email about news, special offers, and promotions. Unsubscribing can be done at any time in the account settings.


All information regarding the products is published on the site and regularly updated. KaKoin Shop ensures that its customers have accurate access to product details. This is why updates are made regularly. In rare cases, the information may not match that on the packaging, and in such cases, the information on the packaging takes precedence. KaKoin Shop strives to make such situations exceptional. The customer is encouraged to always check the information on the product packaging before use. Specifics such as allergies, intolerances, diabetes, etc.


An exclusive right to use the descriptions of all products belongs to KaKoin Shop.


KaKoin Shop may generally limit the delivery of certain products or may not deliver a ordered product. A limit may also occur during a promotion or special offer period.


The ordering process is completed when the customer confirms their order by clicking 'pay'. Validation indicates a final confirmation of the order and cannot be changed. Thus, the customer also confirms that their information is accurate and submits their order to KaKoin Shop. Following this procedure, the customer receives an order confirmation via email at info@kakoinshop.com, establishing the agreement between the customer and KaKoin Shop. This confirms the contractual relationship between KaKoin Shop and its customer. The customer does not have the right to validate their order by KaKoin Shop. It is up to KaKoin Shop to validate or reject an order. KaKoin Shop delivers your order 2 to 3 days later.


The customer can modify their order at any time as long as it is not yet finalized. Once the customer clicks the < Pay > button, the order is sent to KaKoin Shop, and no further modifications are possible. If the customer wishes to cancel an order, they can do so at the latest 36 hours before the scheduled delivery. The 36 hours are only counted during business days. Deliveries from Friday to Monday cannot be canceled because the next 36 hours correspond to the weekend, Saturday, and Sunday, which are not business days. Order cancellation is done through Customer Service, which is available for this kind of service or for information. Cancellation is only valid during Customer Service opening hours and is confirmed by them. In case of order cancellation by KaKoin Shop, the customer is informed immediately by email.


KaKoin Shop cannot guarantee a permanent and error-free functionality of data transfer via the Internet due to the current state of technology. Technical and electronic errors may occur during online ordering, but these are not the responsibility of KaKoin Shop. In the case of a delay in order processing, KaKoin Shop cannot be held responsible.


All products are delivered to the address provided by the customer on the agreed-upon date. KaKoin Shop pays high attention to the safety and quality of its service. Consequently, it is desirable for the delivery of the order to be handed directly to the customer. If the customer is unable to be present when finalizing their order, they can request that the order be left outside their home.


KaKoin Shop makes every effort for the complete satisfaction of the customer regarding delivery times. KaKoin Shop strives to make its deliveries on time, but if the deadlines are not met, Kakoin Shop will compensate the customer by offering a 10% discount on the next order.


In the event that KaKoin Shop or the partner delivery service is unable to deliver an order, KaKoin Shop is not obliged to ensure delivery by another means of delivery service. KaKoinShop cancels the order and informs the customer immediately. The customer will be fully refunded. The customer agrees to provide accurate information. Therefore, if KaKoin Shop is unable to make a delivery for the following reasons: non-existent or incorrectly indicated address, or the customer's absence and the customer does not want the order to be left outside their home, KaKoin Shop has the right to cancel the order, and Kakoin Shop will fully refund the customer.


KaKoin Shop makes every effort to satisfy its customers with the quality of its service by respecting the order of products and their delivery. However, it is possible that exceptionally KaKoin Shop cannot deliver the complete order to the customer for various reasons (unavailable product or other). KaKoin Shop has the right to make an incomplete delivery, but the customer is informed by email before the delivery of the products to their home. Missing products upon delivery are neither replaced by others nor delivered later. Only the delivered products are listed on the delivery note, and the invoice corresponds to the delivered products. However, if a product is invoiced and appears on the delivery note but has not been delivered, the customer will be reimbursed for the amount of the undelivered product. An incomplete delivery cannot be compensated for in kind or in other damages and interests.


When ordering on KaKoin Shop, the amount of the fees is indicated. It may vary depending on the order quantity, the delivery method, whether there is a discount or not, or the frequency of orders. A minimum amount may be set for certain arrangements or delivery methods. The amount of delivery fees is indicated at the time of ordering. Delivery notes and invoices are sent to the customer by email.


Prices are indicated in Swiss francs including VAT. The current prices are those indicated on the KaKoin Shop site at the time of ordering. Payment and terms Different payment methods are available depending on the order and type of delivery. However, in specific cases, KaKoin Shop reserves the right to accept or refuse certain payment methods. The proposed payment methods are: credit card, TWINT, PostFinance, invoice, monthly invoice, and certain cryptocurrencies. Payment methods are clearly indicated when ordering on KaKoin Shop. In the case of payment by credit card, PostFinance, TWINT, or other, the amount may vary if the order contains products whose price depends on the delivery weight. Specifically, the amount corresponding to the actual weight of the product (indicated on the delivery note) is debited from your account.


KaKoin Shop reserves the right to subject the delivery of an order to a solvency check of the customer. By placing the order, the customer grants KaKoin Shop the right to conduct solvency inquiries at its discretion and, for this purpose, to transmit data about them to third parties.


KaKoin Shop has the right to entrust third parties with the recovery of unpaid amounts and to assign claims to third parties in Switzerland or abroad. The assignment of claims includes all claims at the time of the assignment. The assignment of claims encompasses all current claims at the time of the assignment. This procedure will automatically incur additional costs for the customer.


For any information, questions, complaints, or problems, Customer Service is available to assist customers on KaKoin Shop. Contact Customer Service: KaKoin Shop 7, Quai du Mont-Blanc 1201 Geneva Phone: 022 311 90 11


Any observed defect must be immediately reported to Customer Service upon receipt of the goods. Otherwise, it is considered that the customer has accepted their goods and that they are defect-free. In case of justified dispute, the customer receives a refund of the purchase price of the goods and can also keep them. The refund method depends on the payment method used at the time of purchase. When it is impossible to refund the amount to the payment method used, the customer receives the amount in the form of vouchers.


In case of lack of information or contradiction between the French and English versions of these general sales conditions, only the French version is valid. Amendment KaKoin Shop can modify these general sales conditions at any time. In such a case, KaKoin Shop will communicate the changes on its site, and the modifications will come into effect as soon as they appear on the site. The customer accepts the new modifications from the next order they place on KaKoin Shop. Partial invalidity If parts of these general sales conditions are found to be null or inapplicable, this does not affect the validity of the other parts. Jurisdiction and applicable law Only Swiss law is applicable. For natural persons, the place of jurisdiction is Basel-City or the municipality where they are domiciled. For legal entities, the sole place of jurisdiction is Basel-City.

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