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Vegetable baby dessert Blédina 6m Coconut milk nature - 4x95g


Discover our Blédina plant-based yogurts entirely made from vegetables. What is Blédina's mission? To make your baby a champion of diversified eating! We are convinced that eating a little bit of everything sets the right foundations for today and tomorrow. Varying pleasures has its advantages! These entirely plant-based yogurts are delicious recipes adapted for baby to continue awakening their taste buds and curiosity. And there's a little something extra! These yogurts are also suitable for children allergic to cow's milk proteins. And you know what? Our plant-based yogurts are prepared with love by women and men passionate about good food. 1According to regulations for baby food.


List of ingredients: Water, Coconut milk 9.00% (coconut extract, water), Starches, Cane sugar, Natural coconut flavor, Carob seed flour (thickener), Lactic acid (acidulant), Natural flavor.

Conservation tips

Product storage instructions: Before opening, it must be stored at room temperature.

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