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The Signal Classic Medium Toothbrush is equipped with a profile with different lengths of bristles to ensure effective interdental cleaning. It also has a specially designed tongue cleaner to effectively eliminate bacteria and prevent bad breath problems. The packaging of the Signal Classic toothbrush is made from 87% recycled plastic, and you can recycle your Signal toothbrush by placing it in the nearest TerraCycle® collection point. The Signal Classic Medium Toothbrush is also available in a soft version. At Signal, we believe that your smile reflects your personality and self-confidence. Our mission is to improve oral health for everyone, so that each person can fully express the power of their smile. Since 1961, Signal has been accompanying French people by teaching them the appropriate oral hygiene practices from a young age and emphasizing the importance of brushing morning and night. We are also concerned about protecting the planet and take measures to reduce the environmental impact of our products. In collaboration with TerraCycle®, we have implemented a free recycling program to give a second life to your toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes.

Conservation tips

Instructions for storing the product: It is recommended to keep it in a dry, clean, and heat-protected place once used.

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