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Vico noble nut mix Unsalted - 200g


Natur' & Bon Mixture of noble nuts is a mixture of natural, unsalted noble seeds and grapes. Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and raisins for healthy and gourmet moments. Without added salt*, dyes or preservatives, this mixture of fragrant and crunchy nuts combined with soft raisins is a source of magnesium and rich in vitamin E. A mixture that is a source of benefits: vitamin E which helps protect cells against oxidative stress and magnesium which helps reduce fatigue. *the salt content is exclusively due to the presence of sodium present naturally in the product or the seed.


Ingredients: Raisins 34.6%, raw blanched ALMONDS 25%, raw WALNUTS 25%, raw HAZELNUTS with skin 15%, coating agent: sunflower oil.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Keep away from heat and moisture.

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