Vittel natural mineral water 6x1.5L


Filled with vitality for millennia, VITTEL natural mineral water was born in the heart of the abundant nature of the Vosges, and its rocks which give it its unique mineralization. A source of refreshment for body and mind with every sip, VITTEL natural mineral water accompanies you wherever you are, whenever you want, and invites you to live every moment to the full. In sport, at the office, at the table or on the go, its 50cl format adapts to all your needs. Water helps maintain normal physical and cognitive functions. Consume at least 2 liters of water a day from all sources. For a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced and varied diet. For more information, visit VITTEL.fr


Ingredients: Characteristic mineralization (mg/L): Calcium 240 / Magnesium 42 / Sodium 5.2 / Sulfate 400 / Hydrogen carbonate 384 / Nitrate 4.4 / Dry residue at 180°C: 1084.

Conservation tips

Information on the conservation of the product: To preserve its minerality and its taste, this water is stored away from frost, heat and odours. The gel can precipitate the mineral salts in white crystals without consequences for health.

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