Perrier Fine bubbles natural sparkling mineral water - 6x1L


A little finesse in this world of brutes! Find all the extraordinary of PERRIER with smaller bubbles. The lightness of the bubbles and the low sodium* content of PERRIER Fine Bubbles will delight the most demanding palates. Enjoy it in a liter bottle for a sparkling refreshment with family or friends, whatever the time of day! *Suitable for a low sodium diet


Ingredients: Characteristic mineralization (mg/L): Calcium 150 / Magnesium 3.9 / Sodium 9.6 / Hydrogen carbonate 420 / Sulfate 25.3 / Chloride 19.5 / Potassium < 1 / Nitrate 7.3 / Dry residue at 180°C = 456.

Conservation tips

Information on product storage: Store away from frost and sunlight in an odor-free place.

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