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Organic Apple Pitch Brioches x6 - 232g


A gourmet recipe with 100% French apples, without preservatives, with French flour and eggs. For a balanced snack, accompany your Pitch BIO Apple with a drink and a piece of fruit. Pleasure and fun… in organic!


Ingredients: Ingredients: Ingredients: BLE flour* 36% - Apple filling* 28% [cane sugar*, apple puree* 10%, BLE extract*, concentrated lemon juice*, natural apple flavor] - Cane sugar* - Whole EGGS* 7% - Sunflower oil* - SPELLED sourdough* 5% - Yeast - OAT fibre* - WHEAT GLUTEN* - BUTTER* - Salt - Thickener: carob seed flour* - Flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid - MILK proteins*. * Organic ingredients This product contains: WHEAT, GLUTEN, EGGS, SPELLED, OATS, BUTTER, MILK. This product may have come into contact with: PEANUT, NUTS, LUPINE, SOYA.

Conservation tips

Information on product conservation: To be consumed preferably before the date indicated on the packaging. This product should be stored in a cool, dry place. Close the bag well after use.

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