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Roux minute Maïzena Béchamel - 250g


Make your béchamel easily with the Roux pour Béchamel Maïzena®! Simply pour the product into boiling milk, stir and it's ready! Taste a delicious Béchamel sauce. You will easily obtain a delicious bechamel with a good homemade taste without lumps. Thanks to this preparation, you will be able to adjust the consistency of your bechamel sauce according to your needs: thick for gratinating, light for coating. Note that this preparation for Béchamel contains gluten. For more than 150 years, Corn Flower Maizena ® has accompanied you on a daily basis! The small yellow and white box has become an essential ingredient in the cupboards of all kitchens. Born in 1862 in the United States, the Maïzena® brand quickly became known throughout the world thanks to its flagship product: Corn Flower Maïzena®. It was in 1924 that La Société des Produits du Maïs produced Corn Flower Maïzena® for the first time in France. Cock-a-doodle Doo ! French mothers then used it to prepare baby bottles and porridge, but very quickly Fleur de Maïs® took up residence in kitchens for a variety of savory or sweet recipes. Because Maïzena® is also a range of binders, Saucelines®, to perfectly bind and catch white or brown sauces without any lumps. The brand has also launched Roux pour Béchamel (made with wheat flour) to facilitate the delicate preparation of this flagship sauce for French gourmets. Since 2016, Maizena® has launched a range of preparations for making delicious savory and sweet gluten-free recipes, under license with AFDIAG, the French Association for Gluten Intolerants. Finally, Maïzena® entered the organic segment in 2017 with its new Fleur de Maïs® Bio reference to be used without moderation in your recipes!


Ingredients: Ingredients: WHEAT flour, palm fat.

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