Knorr organic velvety vegetable soup with fresh cream - 30cl


Find all the good taste of vegetables from organic farming in this delicious ORGANIC liquid soup milled with various ORGANIC Knorr ® vegetables. NutriScore B, it is the ideal soup for meals rich in flavor. A real treat for the whole family, young and old! A soup with vegetables from sustainable agriculture for a quick and tasty meal. This vegetable-rich and vegetarian soup is prepared without flavor enhancers and without preservatives (like all liquid soups in the ambient section). By choosing Knorr® bricks certified by the FSC ® and ASI ® labels, you are taking care of our planet! Indeed, Knorr® bricks support the responsible sourcing of aluminum and their cardboard comes from sustainably managed forests and other controlled sources. This 30?cL format allows you to make 1 generous bowl of soup. A comforting soup recipe that is quick and easy to prepare: shake, pour, reheat without boiling... and enjoy! Knorr® works for a sustainable food future for you and the planet. Through our products, recipes and advice, we want to help you make small daily changes that make a big difference. Together let's build a better food future!


Ingredients: OUR RECIPE Ingredients water, carrot1, 2 9.6%, CELERY-ROBIA1, 2 9.2%, potato1, 2 8.9%, onion1, 2 5%, broccoli1, 2 4.5%, tomato1 , 2 2.7%, corn starch1, CREAM1 1%, salt, BUTTER1, cane sugar1, leek1, 2 0.2%, white cabbage1, 2 0.1%, rutabaga1, 2 0.1%. May contain cereals containing gluten, mustard, egg, soy. 1Ingredients from Organic Farming. 2Vegetables from Sustainable Agriculture. 40.3% vegetables1, 2 (including potatoes).

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store between 5°C and 25°C

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