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Gerblé Chocolate Almond Diet Biscuits - 200g


Vitalité, the well-being dietary range for the whole family.A wide range of biscuits, shortbread, filled or crunchy that bring you nutritional balance, well-being, naturalness but also a variety of flavors.Without preservatives, colorings, artificial flavors to indulge yourself with authentic tastes.


Ingredients: WHEAT flour 53.7%, rapeseed oil, chocolate chips 9.9% (cocoa paste1, sugar, cocoa butter1, emulsifier: SOY lecithins), brown cane sugar, roasted ALMONDS 6.6% , WHEAT germ 5.1%, glucose syrup, fructose, natural flavor, magnesium, rice flour, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithins, OAT fibers, OAT flour, baking powders (sodium carbonates, citric acid , carbonates ammonium), RYE flour, calcium, maize flour, salt, MILK proteins, WHEY powder, BARLEY malt extract, WHEAT starch, vitamins (E, D, B6). Made in a workshop that uses NUTS, SESAME, LUPINE

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store away from heat and moisture.

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