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Gerblé Organic Sesame Kasha Poppy Shortbread Cookie - 132g


To enjoy a gourmet break, let yourself be tempted by our tasty Gerblé Bio creations! Our ingredients are selected to guarantee you good products: fruits, seeds, cereals, spices or chocolate... You will necessarily find what you are looking for! All our organic snacks are less sweet compared to the average biscuits on the market and are made in France, in line with our brand values. Gerblé: good for you, just good.


Ingredients: Whole wheel WHEAT flour* 65.9%, cane sugar*, oleic sunflower oil*, WHEAT bran*, toasted buckwheat* 2.6%, toasted SESAME* 2.1%, blue poppy seeds * 1.4%, baking powders (citric acid, sodium carbonates), sea salt., * Ingredients from organic farming Made in a workshop that uses NUTS, LUPINE, MILK and SOYA

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store away from heat and humidity.

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