Compak Tampax Tampons Regular - x22


Tampax Compak Regular tampons give you discreet protection for light to medium flow days. Tampax Compak tampons have a compact, discreet plastic applicator and feature a rounded tip for easy and comfortable insertion. The absorption channels directly absorb the flux at the upper end of the tampon and retain it inside. Plus, their leak-proof skirt helps prevent leaks for confident protection. Tampax Compak tampons have been tested under gynecological supervision. They have also been independently checked by Oeko-Tex for the detection of harmful substances. Safe protection to make you feel free to move. Tampax Compak are the best tampons in the Tampax range for light to medium flows. Try Tampax Pearl Compak, the best protection in the Tampax range.


Ingredients: COMPOSED OF: rayon, polyester and cotton

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