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Quaker Oats rolled oats 550g


For more than 140 years Quaker has been inspired by the natural richness of oats to offer you an authentic breakfast Quaker Oats - Wholemeal Rolled Oats Made from a careful selection, Quaker Oats rolled oats are guaranteed high quality 100% natural and without preservatives Hot or cold, oat flakes are endlessly available for breakfast: porridges, mueslis, granolas and smoothies. Quaker Oats is committed to the planet Responsible manufacturing process 100% recyclable packaging Throughout the manufacturing process, we are committed to reducing water use, CO2 emissions, manufacturing waste and using 100% renewable electricity. Do not hesitate to sort this 100% recyclable cardboard! For other sweet or savory recipe ideas (smoothies, cookies, blinis...): www.quaker.fr


Ingredients: 100% OAT flakes

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store in a dry place.

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