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Mao crunchy candies Haribo Bag 250g


Mao Croqui candy is a delicious chewable treat that melts in your mouth for an explosion of fruity flavors! 6 flavors available: Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, Apple, Lemon and Cola. A real treat ! Which would you prefer?


Ingredients: Ingredients: sugar; glucose syrup; palm fat; humectant: sorbitol syrup; acidifier: citric acid; gelatin; caramel syrup; acidity regulator: sodium hydrogen carbonate; fruit and plant concentrates: safflower, lemon, spirulina, radish, blackcurrant, carrot, apple; licorice extract; aroma; molasses sugar syrup; anti-caking agent: talc; glazing agent: white and yellow beeswax; invert sugar syrup. Keep away from heat and humidity.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: keep away from heat and humidity

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