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Old fashioned Mousline Cream & Nutmeg mash - 4x125g - 500g


Our MOUSLINE Cream and Nutmeg mash is made of 90% potato. French potatoes, mainly harvested in Picardy, are delivered to the MOUSLINE production workshop. They are carefully washed, peeled and then steamed. They are then mashed, from which the water is extracted to reduce it to flakes. The cream and nutmeg are then added, which makes it possible to obtain a creamy puree with a unique taste. Produced in Picardy. Recyclable cardboard. A box contains 4 sachets for 4 people.


Ingredients: Ingredients: Potato 90%, CREAM powder (MILK) 3.5%, salt, potato starch, cooking BUTTER (MILK, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (vegetable origin); turmeric, onion, nutmeg, flavorings (MILK, antioxidant: rosemary extracts; natural flavorings of nutmeg and pepper.

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