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Cereals Tipiak - Wheat Corn Soy Ready in 4 min - 400g


Tipiak rediscovers for you the cereals used in cooking for millennia, and draws inspiration from them to create a unique and authentic recipe, with the good taste of cereals: Gourmet Cereals, made from wheat, corn, soy.


Ingredients: Ingredients: Precooked hard wheat semolina (GLUTEN) (61%), precooked crushed SOYA (15%, SOYA flakes (10%, precooked corn semolina (8.4%, BARLEY flakes (GLUTEN) (3 %, precooked WHEAT flour (GLUTEN) (2.3%). Possible traces of milk, egg, celery, mustard, lupine and sesame.

Conservation tips

Information on product storage: Store away from humidity and heat. To consume preferably before the date indicated on the top of the package.

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