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Citrus Pulco To dilute - 70cl


Pulco Agrumes is a diluted drink with a nice citrus flavor. It's free of sweeteners, colors and preservatives and gives you the refreshing taste of citrus fruits, with the additions of your choice!


Ingredients: Ingredients: fruit juice from concentrates: pink grapefruit 22%, clementine 20%, orange 16.5%, lemon 12.5%, lime 9% and blood orange 4% (equivalent to 84% reconstituted juice , sugar, lemon pulp 5%, acidifier: citric acid, natural citrus flavoring, natural grapefruit flavoring with other natural flavorings.

Conservation tips

Information on product conservation: Store away from direct sunlight and heat, then 1 month in the refrigerator at 6° maximum after opening. Shake before serving.

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