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Compote Cool Fruits organic Vitabio Apple Peach Apricot -12x90g


All the strength of fruit for adventures full of life! What could be better than the sweetness of peach and apricot from Occitanie to combine with the delicacy of the apple? With a touch of acerola for the pep's, the children will love it! And you too: a family format of 12 gourds, no hidden ingredients, these gourds are 100% fruit, quite simply. Acerola quezako? It's a small cherry from the West Indies, tangy and full of pep!


Ingredients: Apple from France* 67%, peach from Occitania* 20%, apricot from Occitania* 10%, acerola from Brazil* 3%. *Ingredients from organic farming

Conservation tips

Information on product storage: store at room temperature before opening., After opening:, Closed well, can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

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