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Bjorg chocolate oat muesli 375g


Discover the Bjorg chocolate oat muesli and fill up on energy. Organic, reduced in sugar and made from whole grains, this fiber-rich muesli fits perfectly into a balanced breakfast.


Ingredients: Whole grain OATS* 45%, crispy rolled OATS* 33% (whole grain OATS*, honey*, chocolate cornflakes* 7% [cornflakes* (corn*, raw cane sugar*, sea salt, raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, whole MILK powder*, glazing agent: gum arabic*], chocolate* 7% (cocoa mass*, raw cane sugar *, cocoa butter*, whole spelled flakes* (WHEAT) 5%, cocoa billets* 3% (WHEAT flour*, raw cane sugar*, OAT flour*, lean cocoa powder*, flour BARLEY malt*) Percentages expressed on finished product. *Organic ingredients

Conservation tips

Information on product storage: To keep the crispness of this muesli, we advise you to keep it away from humidity; Close the package well after opening.

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