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Bjorg Organic Fruit Vitamin Muesli 750g


Discover the Bjorg fruit muesli and fill up on energy. Organic, reduced in sugars, rich in fiber and made from whole grains, this muesli composed of 19.5% fruit (grape, apple, banana and coconut) fits perfectly into a balanced breakfast. .


Ingredients: OAT flakes* 50%, raisins* 10.5% (raisins*, sunflower oil*), spelled flakes* (WHEAT) 10%, BARLEY flakes* 10%, RYE flakes* 5 .5%, WHEAT petals* 5%, apple cubes* 4.5%, banana strips* 3% (bananas*, raw cane sugar*, coconut oil*) coconut shavings* 1.5 %. May contain traces of soy, milk, nuts and sesame seeds *organic ingredients.

Conservation tips

Information on product storage: To keep the crispness of this muesli, we advise you to keep it away from humidity. ;Close the package tightly after opening.

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