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Ground coffee Naturela Moka 100% Organic Arabica - 250g


Our Moka Ethiopia coffee is a must for Arabicas. Its wild and intense aromas are typical of this African coffee. To preserve all its aromas, this freshly roasted and ground coffee has been packaged in this sachet with a freshness valve. At Naturela we put all our know-how and our heart to work to share unique flavors with all lovers of taste. We select with great care and in complete transparency our organic raw materials to offer you products with an authentic character. Our coffee beans are slowly roasted by us in Bordeaux to fully bring out the authenticity of the flavors. Slow and French roasting. Intensity 8/10


Ingredients: Pure arabica ground coffee from organic farming

Conservation tips

Information on product storage: Store away from humidity and heat. After opening, close the bag tightly and keep it at the bottom of your refrigerator.

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