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Bjorg Caramel Organic Waffles - 175g


Discover the Bjorg caramel-filled waffles and let yourself be tempted by a gourmet pleasure. Organic and without palm oil, these waffles prepared with semi-complete wheat flour will be your essentials from breakfast to snack time.


Ingredients: Semi-whole wheat flour* 29%, wheat syrup*, caramel* 18% (unrefined cane sugar* 13.1%, butter* (MILK) 4.3%, concentrated caramel* 0.5%, Guérande salt , natural vanilla flavor, margarine* (sunflower oil*, cocoa butter*, water, emulsifier: lecithins* (sunflower); lemon juice*, unrefined cane sugar* 8.1%, agave syrup* , invert sugar* syrup, EGGS* powder, emulsifier: lecithins* (sunflower); Guérande salt, baking powder: sodium carbonates; cinnamon*. Percentages expressed on finished product.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store in a cool, dry place

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