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Biscrok Pedigree biscuits 3 varieties - 500g


Complementary food for adult dogs. Pedigree® Biscrok™ Original Dog Biscuits are deliciously crunchy in the shape of a bone. An ideal reward for all playtime with your dog. Delicious treat with no artificial flavors. With omega 3 to help him stay in shape throughout his life, vitamins to help him preserve his natural defenses and minerals, including calcium, to help him keep strong bones. As a master, we like to reward our dog, because it allows us to create interaction with him and nurture our relationship. With Pedigree® biscuits, you have the assurance of being able to train your dog well and provide him with pleasure and well-being in complete serenity. Dog treat developed with our nutritionists and veterinarians at the WALTHAM® research center - The world's leading reference for pet nutrition and well-being.


Ingredients: Cereals, meat and animal by-products (including 4% chicken in the white biscuit, 4% beef in the brown biscuit and 4% lamb in the red biscuit, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, mineral substances , seeds, herbs.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store in a cool, dry place.

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