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Brekkies Sterilized Cat Food - Chicken - 4kg


Sterilized cats have a tendency to overweight and urinary complications. Brekkies Sterilized Cats contain 25% less fat and 50% more fiber than Brekkies Complete, to help you maintain your cat's optimal weight. The right balance of nutrients helps maintain a healthy urinary tract. In addition, it contains whole grains that help control appetite and improve intestinal health. Brekkies Sterilized Cats is the tastiest way to maintain your cat's fitness.


Ingredients: Cereals (including 4% whole wheat, 4% maize, 1% whole barley, meat and animal by-products (10% chicken, vegetable protein extracts (8% soy flour in the filling, oils and fats, vegetables (1% peas in vegetable food, by-products of vegetable origin, minerals.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store in a cool, dry place.

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